Need a definitive decision on a dispute? Our panel of experts can orchestrate an online hearing.

Service Outline

Arbitration is the Consultation Institute’s premium service and involves using a expert panel to decide on an outcome via a virtual hearing.

The courts take the view that litigation should be a last resort. The parties should consider whether some form of alternative dispute resolution (‘ADR’) or complaints procedure would be more suitable than litigation, and if so, endeavour to agree which to adopt. Both the claimant and defendant may be required by the court to provide evidence that alternative means of resolving their dispute were considered.

Our state-of-the-art Mediation and Arbitration services use a combination of online case management and experienced facilitators to help you negotiate tricky disputes.

Starting from

£ 4,800
exc. VAT
  • Online hearing
  • Panel of experts
  • Definitive resolution

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Top Arbitrators​​

Our mediators and arbitrators are carefully chosen from a pool of practitioners who have domain experience in areas such as local government, health, planning, aviation, police, fire and transport.

We believe that our alternative mechanism for dispute resolution is timely and much needed, particularly as most process-related disputes have the potential to be settled much earlier and more amicably.
Rhion Jones
Director, the Consultation Institute

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There are three other entry points for our services. These are naturally progressive but individual stages can be triggered independently.

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