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The Consultation Institute’s managed Complaint Handling Service for consultors.

Service Outline

High profile consultations can generate tension and lead to many complaints, some genuine and some unwarranted.  The burden of dealing with this during the dialogue phase can be overwhelming yet it is important to take onboard the concerns of those impacted for the sake of steering the consultation and to maintain high levels of integrity.

Our managed complaint handling service is here to relieve the pressure.  It will engage with any complainants on your behalf and triage the queries so that genuine issues can be dealt with as a priority.

Consultors agree the monitoring protocol, including contact mechanisms, stock responses, reporting options and escalation paths. We do the rest.

There are a range of features on offer, including:

  • The use of an online case management system for handling genuine complaints.
  • A monitored telephone voicemail service (with local geographic number)
  • Complaint forms
  • Branded vulnerability check
  • Consultation charters which can be adopted and adapted

Moreover, we can provide a discounted rate on mediation and arbitration services when complaints cannot be resolved easily to avoid any sort of escalation.

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World Class Experts

Our assessors, mediators and arbitrators are carefully chosen from a pool of practitioners who have domain experience in areas such as local government, health, planning, aviation, police, fire and transport.

We believe that our alternative mechanism for dispute resolution is timely and much needed, particularly as most process-related disputes have the potential to be settled much earlier and more amicably.
Rhion Jones
Director, the Consultation Institute

Our Services

There are four entry points for our services. These are naturally progressive but individual stages can be triggered independently.

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