Real-time sessions with experienced facilitators to help you negotiate tricky disputes and resolve differences.

Service Description

Mediation can be used at any stage in a disagreement, but it’s best to start it as soon as possible. The earlier the disagreement is dealt with, the less chance there is of things getting worse.

Mediation is based on the principle of collaborative problem-solving, with a focus on the future and rebuilding relationships, rather than apportioning blame.

Mediation can provide a swifter response to conflict and can nip potentially damaging disputes in the bud. It has been shown to reduce levels of grievances and can help avert an expensive and time-consuming legal remedy.

The purpose of mediation is to connect and facilitate a conversation between two parties towards an agreed resolve in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding. It helps parties (individuals or organisations) reach common ground using reasoned argument and compromise, as facilitated by one of our experts.

The mediator plays an active role in guiding the process. Using joint problem-solving approaches, the mediator asks questions to identify the interests and real issues of disagreement, and helps parties to identify and evaluate options for resolution and settlement. The mediator does not suggest solutions, although they may float ideas.

Starting from

£ 3,995
exc. VAT
  • Includes 7 hours of mediation
  • Sessions held online or offline
  • £195 non-refundable deposit

Pricing & Request

In response to a formal Request for Mediation, the Institute will appoint a Case Manager for the duration of the case, ensuring that all aspects of the process are fulfilled.

The Case Manager will consider the request and may contact the client to determine how realistic it may be for mediation to be effective in the circumstances of the case.

If the Case Manager considers that it is unlikely that mediation would be effective, the Institute will decline to proceed, and will formally notify you to that effect.

There is a basic charge for the set-up of the service of which includes 7 hours of mediation. Subsequent additional sessions are charged at an hourly rate of £200. Typical costs are £4k.

The costs (minus any deposit paid) are agreed in the form of a mediation agreement. These could be paid entirely by one party or split between the parties but are agreed in advance.

Expert Mediators

Our mediators and arbitrators are carefully chosen from a pool of practitioners who have domain experience in areas such as local government, health, planning, aviation, police, fire and transport.

We believe that our alternative mechanism for dispute resolution is timely and much needed, particularly as most process-related disputes have the potential to be settled much earlier and more amicably.
Rhion Jones
Director, the Consultation Institute

Other Services

There are three other entry points for our services. These are naturally progressive but individual stages can be triggered independently.

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