Rapid validation of consultations through basic assessment and/or neutral evaluation.

Fixed price

£ 595
exc. VAT
  • Independent Assessment
  • Webinar or Conference call
  • Rapid turnaround

Independent Assessment

This service involves the assessment of a consultation by one of our independent assessors to check the degree of validity of any claims or arguments made against a consultation.

This low-cost service is provided as a means to ratify the automated vulnerability check and helps identify further areas for follow-up investigation which can be
taken into consideration during neutral evaluation or to support the pursuit of other remedies, including legal action.

Customers do not receive a written report but will benefit from a conversation and short presentation of findings back to the instigator via telephone or webinar.

Average price

£ 2,495
exc. VAT
  • Evidence review
  • Written report
  • Within 10 working days

Neutral Evaluation

Our neutral evaluation service provides a full, written report on the state of a consultation by a qualified, neutral tCI investigator. It includes the review of documentary evidence. The process is available to community, corporate or individual activists.

It can help those who seek a second opinion, to substantiate any claims or discover the true integrity of a consultation, adding weight to your cause.

We offer a free follow-up briefing to customers when there is a valid cause for escalation and are able to advise on the next steps, such as legal action, mediation or arbitration.

Sample report

Download the sample Neutral Evaluation report.

World Class Quality​

Our assessors and evaluators are carefully chosen from a pool of practitioners who have domain experience in areas such as local government, health, planning, aviation, police, fire and transport.

We believe that our alternative mechanism for dispute resolution is timely and much needed, particularly as most process-related disputes have the potential to be settled much earlier and more amicably.
Rhion Jones
Director, the Consultation Institute
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