The MIDAS Resolve service and platform are brought to you by the Consultation Institute.

The Consultation Institute is primarily here to promote best practice and this service is designed to provide its members, practitioners and the community at large with a mechanism to help resolve problems before they escalate.

MIDAS Resolve aims to tackle disputes in a quick and amicable way and is an alternative to expensive and time-consuming legal remedies.

The Concept

Too often, consultees can’t be sure if they have any basis to challenge a consultation process.  Until now, there is only a lengthy, costly and adversarial legal process culminating in judicial review.

MIDAS Resolve will help consultees better understand if the consultation process was fair and reduce the barriers to seeking redress where it was not.  It can provide scrutiny organisations and key stakeholders with a way of getting a second, impartial opinion on the integrity of the consultation process in order to settle any arguments over it – or find design flaws.

There are a range of interventions on offer, from a free and automated “vulnerability check” to neutral evaluations, full mediation and arbitration.

For mediations and arbitrations, our bespoke online case management system simplifies the process for all parties. Our trained, impartial experts are key to achieving amicable and fair outcomes.

The process is informed by our immense database of previous consultations (midasdb.com) to indicate whether there us anything much wrong.

For large and salient consultations, the Institute can reduce the burden on consultors by handling any consultation-related complaints independently.

Innovate UK

MIDAS Resolve was part-financed by InnovateUK, the UK’s innovation agency, in recognition that tCI and the UK is at the forefront of public engagement research.

Our Experts

Our assessors, mediators and arbitrators are carefully chosen from a pool of practitioners who have domain experience in areas such as local government, health, planning, aviation, police, fire and transport.

We believe that our alternative mechanism for dispute resolution is timely and much needed, particularly as most process-related disputes have the potential to be settled much earlier and more amicably.
Rhion Jones
Director, the Consultation Institute

Our Services

There are four entry points for our services. These are naturally progressive but individual stages can be triggered independently.

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